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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Character Posing

Hello Guys! Mot2x here,

Here's a quick over-view of our comics Captin N12 which is due for release in July for SDRC.

N12 Kinatao (a.k.a Opaw) and me and Ruben Jr. (Bobols) decided to create a superhero who will not look dumb wearing his under-wear after his tights (Because of the reason on the second paragraph) but will look dumber wearing a condom as a mask.hehehehe!!!

The under-wear that Captin N12 wear is a powerfull brief that will give him strength and increases his self-confidence (if you know what i mean) which will be the main target for his villians in the succeeding issues .

So that ends my quick over-view for my character, now its time for Sued and Chummie for thier quick over of thier characters.