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Friday, March 25, 2011

Boy Sipok on the Web

Hey there folks, it's been awhile and I know you miss us here at the SDRC Headquarters and we damn miss you folks as well, its not that we are inactive or something, we still alive and kicking mind you. We've been busy with things and they get in the way of making comics sometimes and we hope you guys won't hold it against us. Comics and Super Debil Robot Comics is always on our minds and we are cooking some Sugbo Jam issues hopefully this summer. So, stay tuned. Meanwhile, Boy Sipok Webcomics is up here at Blogger. Been meaning to put this bad boy up on the web for some time now since his debut at the First Cebu Comics Convention and by golly, here it is and hopefully I get to post some nasty webcomics up....please be a dear and click over to the site and visit it from time to time...Boy Sipok would highly appreciate it even though he don't show it. :) (click on the this blogs title or click here, there, that enough for yah!)