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Friday, July 31, 2009


At last we are done with Captin N12 #1.Never thought i would finish this book.It's three years in the making.

After we've done packing this issues, i felt really happy that at last i made a comic book. I felt that... it's like watching your baby sprouting on your wife's vagina.Hehehehehe!!!!! I will work fast on issue two, which is due on October i think. I really thank my SDRC buddies who helped me out, chummy & Sued, Bobols. Thank you very much man. Hope this will inspire us all to make more comics in the near future.hehehehehe!!!!

To all who is interested, just send us your stories or fan art to the here at SDRC blog , and we will publish it for you, lets help the comic scene in cebu erect again.Stop PROCRATINATING .MAke your own story and DRAW & DRAW & DRAW.


  1. Congratulations, guys! It's always a great feeling finishing a story and seeing it in print. I'm glad you cats are rockin' it. More power!

  2. tnx very mucho man, its great to hear from you. we do hope to bring out more in the coming months and the SDR crew would love to publish some of your cool works just keep us posted.it would be so the awesome. :)

  3. @Proto MD we love the great Thanos too and by d way, he likes to help guard our comics when were out and about :P


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