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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sugbo Jam has Arrived!!!

Last night the SDR Crew was busy putting together the final pieces to the much anticipated Sugbo Jam Comics No.1 and might I say that excitement filled the air as we put together the actual hard copy pages page by page and manually folding it to the desired effect resembling a comic book and we were pleased of its outcome all in all. The pic above is the actual 50 copies folded and hung minus the covers which will be put lastly after which it will be trimmed and packed with loving goodness for all of you readers out there. Nice to be a part of the SDR Crew, we're like damn proud parents. So, whats left for us now is you people to buy our stuff and help support the Cebu Comic Book Scene and give us some love for just a meager Php 60.00 of your budget and spare time to read what we came up with and hope you get to enjoy it as much as we did. So, holler back and will come a-runnin'. Peace.


  1. Congrats guys.
    Good luck on you comics there in Cebu.
    Keep us posted.

  2. Great work mga ba!!! saludo ko sa inyo skills ug creativity. Mao ni ako gipangita, truly Pinoy comics. No offense meant to the great comic book illustrators but most of the 'Pinoy' superheroes we find are copies of Western superheroes (i.e. Darna looks like Wonder Woman, Captain Barbell comes from the same family of superheroes who wear their undies on top of their spandex). It might be good to keep on making superheroes that really come from our own culture. You might want to dig out stories such as Biag Ti Lamang and Hudhud (??? sakto ba?) to get ideas of what real Pinoy heroes should look like. I have a few ideas in mind but I can't sketch as good as you guys do.

  3. tnx sir, much appreciated, were struggling but we love doing it

  4. @calography tnx for dropping by man, actually Sugbo Jam caters to short stories and one shots be it offbeat/mix/comicstrips basta mga taga Sugbo ang nag mugna but Super Debil Robot Comics will soon (but already has one in Captin N12) host Pinoy Superheroe stories/series akin to our local settings and mythos and are still in the works so keep posted :)

  5. Been eying you guys for awhile now. Awesome awesome awesome. You seem to love what you do! Keep it up!

  6. @Proto MD tnx man, hope we keep things in the up and up...ur an awesome artist urself


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