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Monday, June 1, 2009

subject to change without prior notice

Over the weekend the SDR crew met up at some mall to update ourselves on this project/endeavor that we are up to. The guys decided that it is imperative that we update this blogsite come Monday (well whadaya know, its today) which suffice it to say the other guys beat me to it by posting something relevant here. This is just a character reference sketch-to-ink piece, no wow factor here like the title is implying, it is subject to change without prior notice/or whenever I feel like changing the character design due to some error unforseen now and that reinventing this character would be the only solution. This is relative to what was posted awhile back in my blog. So without further adieu I give you the STREETCLEANER : Getting rid of Societal Scum One Street at a Time, the harbinger of justice, the man that puts the F in fear, the, uhm, uh, whatever (click on the image for better performance):

The Streetcleaner is basically a vigilante by night kinda superhero genre of which the Batman is popular of but not limited to. Daredevil, Hawksmoor, Moonknight and the Punisher to name a few to add that list of what has inspired this thingamajig of a character and hopefully I can pull it off (no concrete story yet but alot is already transpiring in my mind, which is the only thing I am good at) . He stalks/hounds/monitors the streets where he lives in at night and getting rid of scum just for kicks on the side. Heres a fun fact also, below is the actual first character sketch I did of the Streetcleaner in a cartoony style that I am fond of. The above piece is my attempt at doing a typical comicbook superhero sequential and the original sketch wouldn't really cut-it really it would border into the ridiculous if I would persue it but who knows, any suggestions?:

...and by the way, this is piece will not be included in our hopefully July 2009 release which is going to be Captain N12 Issue 1. This here will be for a future separate release hopefully if all goes through. I promised Motmot (you spelled my nickname wrong again dude! :) ) anyway that I will contribute a filler piece to be included in the initial release, a two pager maybe about a clown, a boy, in outerspace and lots of blood and guts spilling everywhere...but all that will be for another post....hehehehe....

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